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Student Storage

When the spring semester ends every year, thousands of college students end up cramming all of their belongings into a car for hours upon hours. However, when there are too many items to fit in their car, these students will have to rent trucks or trailers or maybe even throw important items in the trash. Once these students get home, though, and unload all of their stuff, they will be faced with then having to pack up again and move into their dorm for the fall semester.

  • Summer Storage
  • College Storage
  • School Storage
  • Short Term Storage

student storage

To avoid this whole situation, students should opt for leaving their items in a self storage facility. Our units are completely safe to leave items in for the whole summer. Space Station is actually situated right near Brown University as well as Johnson and Wales, Providence College and Rhode Island College. Student discounts are even offered here to make matters easier for all involved.

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