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Packing Tips

Use the packing tips below to ensure that your belongings can be stored well at our RI self storage facility.

  1. Use the strongest boxes you can find to make sure your belongings do not fall out.
  2. You need to fill boxes up all the way to make sure that they do not collapse or crinkle in the corners.
  3. Heavy boxes go on the bottom of the pile, and you stack up the boxes until the lightest boxes are on top.
  4. Purchase proper boxes for special or fragile items.
  5. Label each box as much as possible, and be sure to list if it is fragile. You also want to make sure that you list where the top of the box is.
  6. Disassemble all your furniture to make it easier to move.
  7. If you stand your sofas on end, you can save space.
  8. Stack items on top of the furniture pieces to make stacking easier.
  9. Break down the bed frames and stand your mattresses on end.
  10. Clean up all items before you move them.
  11. Wrap fragile items in towels to save space. When you using your existing items to wrap up your fragile items, you will be able to get more of your items into the moving van or storage space.
  12. Hang clothing in wardrobe boxes.
  13. Wrap furniture and other large items in shrink wrap to protect the finish of each piece.
  14. Pick out a storage unit that is just the right size for your items. Do not rent more space than you need.
  15. Break down anything that can be disassembled so that you can save space inside the moving van or storage unit.
  16. Pack your stereo or TVs in boxes that are unmarked.

Packing Tips for Self Storage Units

Anyone packing their belongings to place in a self storage unit at a nearby rental facility needs to understand the process. The correct packing processes can help to avoid scratches, breakage or contamination from vermin such as bedbugs. Depending on the particular item, there are specialized methods of packing before bringing anything to the storage facility. It is a good idea to plan ahead by making a list of needed supplies to purchase several days before beginning the packing process.

Wrap Breakables with Paper Towels

Packing the same or similar items together makes it easier when retrieving the objects later. This means placing breakable items such as glassware and dishes together with careful wrapping to prevent chips from occurring. Each plate, saucer and bowl requires individualized wrapping with soft paper towels before being stacked on edges. Next, wrap glasses with paper towels to place on top of chinaware that has layers of paper towels on the top. An additional layer of paper towels before sealing the sturdy container provides more protection.

Hang Clothing to Prevent Wrinkling

Consider renting a controlled climate self storage unit to store clothing, drapes and upholstered furniture to prevent mold growth and mildew odors in fabrics. Make sure drapes and clothing are clean before placing the items on hangers. Verify the items are securely on the hangers by fastening buttons and zippers or using clips to prevent slide off. Use a mobile fiberboard wardrobe or free clothing rods provided by the facility to hang items in the storage unit to protect the items from wrinkles. Alternatively, it is acceptable to fold and pack items in dresser drawers to hang after arriving at the storage unit.

Dry Appliances Thoroughly before Storage

While appliances and furniture seem sturdy, the items still need expert packing to prevent damage during the relocating and storage process. Begin a few days ahead of time by emptying freezers and refrigerators before drying the appliances thoroughly. Refrigerators and freezers must have doors opened slightly while in storage to prevent foul odors from developing. Remove debris from a stove before fastening its door securely. Drain the water from a dishwasher and clothes washer’s hoses to prevent moisture damage to other items.

Use Special Methods to Store Items

Use bedroom dresser and home office desk drawers to store small fragile items such as clocks, figurines and photograph frames. Place these items between clean and dry bed linens, tablecloths or bathroom towels. Carry the drawers separately from the body of the desks and dressers into the storage unit before placing the items back into place. Take the same type of lightweight chairs to place seat against seat in reverse to save space. The open area on top of the stacked chairs is perfect for storing small and lightweight boxes that contain items such as lampshades. The lampshades are protected by stacking one inside of the other with padding between the items.

Protect Delicate Items by Labeling

Take tables apart to wrap the tabletop and legs separately with protective material. Place the screws and bolts in an envelope to tape to the bottom of the tabletop to prevent losing these tiny fasteners. Purchase special bedbug covers to protect mattresses from contamination in the moving truck and storage unit. Place heavy cardboard on top of mirror glass before crating and labeling the items as delicate. Pack books in small boxes to make the items easier to carry. Packers should gently oil gardening and maintenance tools to prevent rust before packing the items according to size in small containers.

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