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Mailbox Rental

Get a East Providence Mailbox Rental today.

Everyone gets letters and packages in the mail, but the right delivery method isn't the same for each person. People who run home businesses often prefer to avoid using their residential addresses for commercial purposes. You can gain a separate business address with the help of a mailbox rental service. This option offers several advantages:



Boxes and envelopes may be stolen if they sit unattended in your mailbox. Harsh weather can also damage packages that delivery people leave outdoors. Mailbox rental services protect your mail until you can pick it up, so you won't have to worry about it while you work, go shopping or travel abroad.


When you leave your home temporarily or permanently, people can keep sending parcels to the same address. You won't have to hold your mail if you spend time at a second home. Furthermore, many rental services offer convenient forwarding options for people who travel long distances.


When you rent a mailbox, an employee will always be ready to accept your incoming mail and store it in the correct box. This ensures that vital business correspondence, supplies, replacement parts and other items are not delayed or returned to their senders.


Although most Rhode Island post offices offer box rentals, they won't accept package deliveries from different shipping services. You can't use a P.O. box to order an item that comes via FedEx or UPS. Private rental companies can accept items from any carrier, including the postal service.

Street Addresses

An address with a street name often seems more professional than a P.O. box number. It can lend greater credibility to a small business. Most private mailbox companies assign each renter a "suite number" to add to the street address. For example, one box might receive mail addressed to "555 Spring Street #28."


Many small business operators prefer to maintain private home addresses. They don't want random customers, suppliers or other associates to visit their homes unexpectedly. This becomes particularly important in major cities like Providence. A rental company will provide you with an affordable alternate address that you can use freely.


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