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Boat & RV Storage

When you're looking for a company that can handle all of your Rhode Island boat and RV storage needs, look no further than Space Station Self Storage. That's because we understand how important it is to have a place to leave all of your essentials. If you're someone that owns a boat, you know that this mode of transportation is a crucial part of any summer routine. Whether you decide to take a weekend road trip or just want a day out on the seas to Block Island, boats add so much excitement to any Rhode Island summer.

Boat Storage

There are a lot of benefits that come with owning items like RVs and boats, but also a bunch of responsibilities. For instance, you're now in charge of the vehicles' storage, upkeep and safety. Opting for self storage is a way to solve many of the storage issues that come up while also fully enjoying getting away without all the stress and frustration.

Keeps Vehicles Safe

Besides just the storage aspect of our facility, customers come here because we prevent theft from happening. Obviously, buying a boat or recreational vehicle is expensive and once you own one, you still have to put out money for it here and there. That's why security is so vital. It can be hard to feel like your RV or boat is safe when it's parked in a garage or driveway. Space Station provides security through our electronic pass-code entry systems, layered premium security, fencing, cameras, alarms and on-site personnel.

Clears Up Clutter

RV Storage

Since RVs and boats are quite large, they take up a big chunk of space at your home. Many people don't have that much room to leave these vehicles in their garage, driveway or yard. By choosing to put your recreactional vehicle or boat in a storage facility, you are freeing up space at home so you can use the storage spaces you do have for home goods, tools and other equipment.

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